Little Forest Hills Animal Alert program was established in our neighborhood to reunite lost area pets with their families. Our Animal Alert mission is to reunite lost pets with their families. In most neighborhoods, when a beloved family pet becomes lost, there is nowhere to turn except to the city pound. Our Animal Alert Volunteers, that live right here in the neighborhood, provides residents the opportunity to get the word out fast when a pet escapes the confines of home. The Animal Alert Hotline is available 24/7, and it is a link between residents in our area who have lost a pet and those who spot a loose animal.

   Pet Registration is the first step. Forms are available via email and on the registration page. Pictures will be attached to each form. They can be emailed or sent thru the postal service. The goal is get everyone in Little Forest Hills registered, please spread the word!

  It was started by Maeleska Fletes under the guidance of Andi Comini. Andi started the Animal Alert in Forest Hills. Animal Alert is in contact with area neighborhoods and with thier combined effort several dogs have made it home.

Contributions are also needed. So far we have purchased a mobile phone with a contract, business cards, office supplies and internet space. Also we have gotten several stray dogs shots and nuetered and found them a new home. Checks can be made out to
LFH Animal Alert and mailed to 2707 Rickenbacker Dr, Dallas, TX 75228

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

* All information on the Pet Registration Form is strictly Confidential. It is intended for Animal Alert's use only and will not be shared.

Animal Alert

We cannot take your pet. Call 311 in Dallas.


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